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Providing Development, Project Management and Construction Services since 2000

Representation Of Some Of The Advisory Services We Provide

As the public & private construction needs have grown over the last 20 years, Relequity recognized the need for improved, flexible methods for meeting project management challenges. The firm’s innovations in management and its reliability in delivering projects on time and within scope and budget earned us a reputation for superior performance.

Program and Project Management
Program Managment
Business Presentation

Our approach is to assist clients and project teams with delivering successful projects. We do this through effective and efficient project management structures, processes and  procedures. We oversee various aspects of the development and construction process to ensure that our client’s project goals and objectives are met. Our services include:

• Sourcing and managing the Architectural and Consultant process
• Sourcing and procurement of General Contractors and Trade partners
• Contract development, negotiation, and compliance management
• General monitoring & reporting of project performance

• Services for both Public Agencies & Private Clients

Cost Management
Cost Managemnt
Business Discussion

We provide accurate and reliable analysis of cost information that is sensitive to project specific challenges and current market conditions. Project risks are identified with current market conditions to manage project risks, control costs, ensure quality and remain on schedule. The project budget serves as the standard by which every expenditure is measured.

• Developing complete budgets at the beginning of the project cycle       based on cost benchmark data and market trends
• Establish Target Values Costs to meet financial goals
• Continuous cost analysis during design for timely and informed               decision-making
• Track change orders, contingencies and allowances
• Analyze and settle change orders
• Project Reporting including close-out and financial reconciliation

Real Estate Development Consulting
Real Estate Dev Serv
Construction Manager

We provide a variety of real estate consulting services to meet the needs of your project.  Whether the project is your concept to develop urban land or a validating a shovel ready student housing deal, we can provide strategic direction.  We will help by identifying project risks In areas of site, entitlements, construction, budgeting and cost controls. We can also assist in building the appropriate proforma to evaluate the financial outcome of the deal.

• Provide Strategic Direction & Guidance

• Manage Development and Entitlement Process

• Establish and maintain Project Proforma & Budget

• Coordinate and Manage the major Milestones Design process

• Implement Financing and Exit Strategies

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