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Breaking Down California Senate Bill 35: Streamlining Housing Development for a Better Future

Updated: Feb 14

Housing Development CAN get easier in California, here how…

California Senate Bill 35, also known as the Housing Accountability and Affordability Act, was designed to streamline the process of developing new housing in California by making it easier for developers to obtain the necessary permits and approvals. The bill aims to increase the supply of housing in the state, particularly affordable housing, which has been in short supply in many parts of California.

Under SB 35, qualifying projects can receive a streamlined approval process, including a faster review period and less discretionary review, if they meet certain requirements. For example, the project must be located in a city or county that has not met its Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) goals, and the project must comply with various affordability requirements, including providing a certain percentage of units that are affordable to lower-income households.

The bill has the potential to promote housing development in the state by removing some of the regulatory hurdles that have traditionally slowed down the approval process for new housing projects. By making it easier and faster for developers to obtain the necessary permits and approvals, SB 35 could encourage more developers to invest in housing projects in California. Additionally, by including affordability requirements, the bill aims to ensure that some of the new housing that is built is accessible to low-income Californians.

Overall, while the impact of SB 35 on housing development in California is still being evaluated, it has the potential to promote more housing development, including market rate and affordable housing, in the state.

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