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Multifamily+Marketing: The Dirty Truth about Multifamily Construction with Justin Smith

Some little kids enjoy playing with diggers, bulldozers, and backhoes, but for Justin Smith it was a passion. As a boy, he knew he wanted to be a builder when he saw an acre of land transform into a developed community of row homes. The life-sized “Tonka” trucks and people in hard hats had him hooked and he set out to learn more about a career in construction. He started with developing smaller multifamily properties before moving on to larger apartments. Now, he has completed over $250 million in apartment projects and gives the dirty truth about multifamily construction.

Justin is the Founding Principal of Relequity, helping other commercial real estate professionals get real equity in projects. He partners with the ABCDE's: Architects, Builders, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, and other busy professionals to invest in multifamily apartments. With his background in construction, he focuses on the development and construction aspects of the business.

Justin shares the key process to manage construction projects from ground-up developments to renovating existing properties. He lists out three items that are critical to managing any project: scope, budget, and schedule. Justin points out key areas to monitor when managing construction and getting the most out of any deal. He also shares why he created Relequity and how he’s supporting others.

Listen Here:

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