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Make It Rain: Real Estate Investing Ideas for Millennials featuring Justin Smith

What are the 3 important factors to investing in Real Estate?? Listen to Justin Smith, Principal & Founder of Relequity Enterprises as he decribes these factors and how they are helping others build their wealth through multi-family real estate. Over the last 5 years, He has built over 500 units in 4 west coast states. Moving through 2020, he is transitioning his RE strategy from New developments to Multi-Family Property Acquisitions. He has spent the better half of his life pursuing his child hood dream of “Building a City Block.” Collaborate with him through Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and He believes you should #getyourshare, #getyourpeace and #getRelequity. For more info, check us out on Instagram @makeitrainpodcast and our website at

Justin's email: | Justin' Instragram: @relequity | |

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