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RELEQUITY is a private equity real estate firm that channels the passions of industry professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Construction and Consultants.  We provide them with unique opportunities to build “real equity” in real estate as easily as possible.

Our goal is to help busy professionals build long-term wealth and passive income through investments in multi-family real estate. 


We engage in a proven investment strategy that protects investor capital while minimizing investor risk and delivering a passive stream of income, portfolio diversification and considerable tax benefits to busy professionals. 


We create opportunities for passionate industry professionals to get their share of "Real Equity" through multifamily real estate/apartment investing.  




We describe our multi-family real estate investment strategy as "disciplined & educated" investing.  Our first priority is investor capital preservation and our second priority is maximizing returns on your investment.  Here are our guiding principles for our investment practices:

  • We focus on markets with stable or growing populations.

  • We buy for cash flow, with an opportunity to increase value.

  • We look to secure long term, low leverage debt, and retain adequate cash reserves.




Relequity principals have completed over $250M in multi-family development projects



More than 15 years in the acquisition and management of multi-family properties



Relequity has spearheaded the development & construction of close to 1356 student housing units or 4500 beds  

the team


We are a passionate and dedicated team of real estate and investment professionals committed to delivering unparalleled value to our investors and stakeholders.   We take our commitments seriously and are relentless in the research, acquisition and maintenance of our portfolio of multi-family properties.  Our team brings a wealth of experience and success in the commercial real estate sector.  Meet our team members below.

Justin Smith, MBA

Founder, Principal

Justin has completed over $250 million in Multifamily Construction & Development projects. He has held multiple roles in business development, client relations and real estate sales.


John controls over $90 million worth of apartments as a general partner. He hosts the Multifamily + Marketing podcast, Target Market Insights and is the co-creator of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit. 

John Casmon

Senior Advisor,

Founder Casmon Capitol Group

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