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Relequity is committed to taking the complexity out of multi-family real estate investing.  We have a comprehensive four-step system that simplifies the investment process for busy professionals.  




We connect and get to know each other.  We learn about your goals and interests. You learn about our approach and our value system as a company.  



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We research and identify the commercial real estate assets that best meet our criteria in growth markets, with risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification.



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When we find the right property, we provide you a detailed deal packet. Log into INVESTOR PORTAL Where you decide to invest in offering and we pool all funds together with mortgage debt to close the deal.




We provide monthly updates, quarterly distributions and annual K-1 tax forms.  Any property event like a refinance or sale will result in a distribution that aligns with your share of the property. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Passive Investing In Apartments

Benefits of

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Tax Benefits

Interest deductions and depreciation acceleration shield a portion of the positive cash flow generated,


Income producing real estate investments have historically delivered appreciation in value that exceeds other investment types.

Sustained Demand

Multifamily real estate is a physical asset that maintains its constant appeal even in the midst of global crises.

The Environment

Apartment investing adds value to existing structures as opposed to building on raw land.

Hedge Against Economic Volatility

Historically, multifamily investment properties have demonstrated less risk and volatility than stocks and bonds

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