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Exploring Your Life's Work: Beyond the 9-to-5 Grind

As we create inroads in our professional lives, we forget to consider our personal needs and goals. Unlike a regular, grinding nine-to-five job, these can fill us with a purpose that can encourage us to be toughest challenges in ways we never dreamt possible.

Reveal Your Life’s Work

Our job doesn't do much more than put food on the table, pay the bills and taxes, and ensure we have the bare minimum resources to survive. That isn't living. If we want to thrive, we must look inward and see what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. This involves a journey of discovery that goes beyond the walls of an office.

From realizing personal goals, gaining new skills that have nothing to do with work (such as learning to paint or write), and working on a dream you've had since childhood, your life’s work is your true calling. It's probably the best way to connect with the inner child we have neglected since we entered the workforce. 

Back to Simpler Times

Speaking of which, when was the last time you were truly carefree and excited? Dust off those memories to awaken the child within who found joy and solace from the simple things in life.

By allowing that inner child to speak again, you can reconnect with dreams you placed on the back burner once you reached adulthood. Whether you wanted to play for the NBA, become a great author, or improve your community, dedicating some time to these ambitions can be an enriching experience. 

Never Surrender Your Dreams, Regardless of Age!

As the years go by and adult responsibilities take over our lives, we bury these dreams because we think they are too foolish. But what if you aren't as keen to be a writer or a great basketball player now? Allow your dreams to evolve and drive you into a journey of self-improvement. Make significant contributions to society and submit stories and articles to journals and online anthologies. Use these accomplishments as stepping stones to a new and happier YOU!

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